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The Bodyguard 4


Protection specialist Natasha Chamberlain thinks guarding a defense attorney from a disgruntled client should be a fairly normal job, but when she learns he’s been targeted by the mafia, she’s ready to call it quits. However, the attorney holds her to their contract and Natasha finds her own life placed in danger along with her bodyguard cohorts, Pit and Bigun. Natasha’s fiancé Jonce Striker is fit to be tied when he learns this, which only confirms to him that the bodyguard field is too dangerous for his love. After Natasha is shot trying to protect her client, Striker delivers the final ultimatum: leave the bodyguard field or lose him. Natasha makes her choice but will she live to regret it?


Cata Single Titles:

Natasha Chamberlain eagerly accepted attorney Tommy James as a client. Being Tommy’s bodyguard should detract her from her problem with fiancé Jonce Striker, who wants her to quit the bodyguard business.  Natasha wants Striker to trust her to do the job she loves. Alas, everything intensifies when they discover that the mafia has a contract out on Natasha’s client. Striker gives Natasha an ultimatum, either quit the business or walk away from him. Natasha isn’t crazy about confronting the mob but she has a job to do and so she defies Striker, though her heart is breaking.

As usual with Natasha, everything that can go wrong does go wrong despite her best efforts and those of her friends. Add to her troubles with Striker, a mother that yearns to be a bounty hunter, a hit man, a mob boss and the chauvinistic client from hell; well you get the picture. Natasha and Striker truly love each other but they are too stubborn to compromise. The question is; will their love survive or, for that matter, will they survive the dangers surrounding this case?

Internationally published Christy Tillery French has once again created a delightfully suspenseful Natasha Chamberlain story that will keep the reader in stitches and eager to learn what happens next. Never a dull moment, the feisty Natasha earns her place in the bodyguard hall of fame with her antics, ignoring every rule about safety and sane bodyguard practice. Her guardian angel and pissed off fiancé, Striker, is every woman’s dream even if he is a tad overprotective. A swift moving storyline with tons of action and unconventional characters; THE BODYGUARD AND THE SNITCH guarantees to engage and entertain!

Long and Short Romance Reviews:

Natasha Chamberlain returns in the latest Christy Tillery French thriller, “The Bodyguard and the Snitch.” The prior book in the series, “The Bodyguard and the Rock Star,” set a high standard, and it was nice to discover French’s gift for the edgy but focused style is amazingly consistent.

Natasha’s job seems pretty straightforward. She’s a bodyguard, not a private eye, after all. However, threats to her latest client are not from one unhappy person, but from a batch of much more organized criminals. Natasha is in very real danger – a fact noted by fiancé Jonce Striker, which only complicates things for Natasha. She is a professional, and stuck with the job, so she does the best she can.

The strength of characters shine here, largely through dialogue. The usual coarse cohorts (in the shape of hirelings) join in the body guarding endeavors, the millionaire client (amusing in so many respects) is both obnoxious and strong-minded. The funny old celeb name – coupled with the Danny DeVito looks, make the client fellow standout from the outset. Tommy is also scared, and it doesn’t take Natasha long to figure out that he has good reason to be. Throughout, secondary characters play an active roll, and on the whole, are well developed. Take Detective Jake McLoud – very much a peripheral player here - manages to be that attractive potential other man.

But Striker is in there, from the start, heart and soul. While Natasha and sundry others sort through the complexities of this case, Striker’s concerns grow. Appearing to be Tommy’s little fling does not ease the building tension, either. We can see, early on, that this romance is heading toward a critical point…but does Natasha take the warnings seriously? Can she handle it – or accept the consequences? Those questions really build, even as we struggle through the mire of criminal action, and not-criminal but close enough of Mr. Millionaire defense attorney.

The mystery is a satisfying blend of intrigue and the obvious. This is not the classic chase the clues type mystery, but an ongoing effort to sort out danger to the client, and current action.Romance and mystery blend to create a gripping, suspenseful story.

The Romance Studio:

Natasha Chamberlain would rather be called a protection specialist than a bodyguard. Her would-be fiance Striker would rather she do something else and makes it clear that she has to choose. No one tells Natty what to do and when attorney Tommy James, who looks like a young Danny DeVito, walks into her office looking for protection, she gladly accepts the job and the distraction. Unfortunately, Tommy is in bigger trouble than he lets on and the Mafia is after him. Natty's life is in danger also, but she sticks with the job with the help of her friends.

Ms. French's Bodyguard series is full of suspense, danger, and laughter and this one is no exception. The characters are unique to the point of being bizarre, the dialogue is funny and witty, and the plot had me hooked from the first page. Her description of the Danny DeVito look alike walking into her office both intrigued and amused me. I love Natty's fiesty personality and her determination to be herself despite and overprotective though sexy fiance. Jonce Striker is a compelling character despite his wish to compel Natty to find a safer career. The fact is Natty is actually getting better at her job. Her determination, feisty attitude and sheer will to succeed have made a big difference. The supporting cast of characters and their colorful dialogue will have you laughing out loud and the suspenseful plot will have you turning page after page and waiting for the next installment of the series; I know I can't wait.

Coffee Time Romance:

Natasha Chamberlain thinks this case of guarding an attorney should be a breeze, only he is a defense attorney and the mafia is the one putting him in danger. Stuck in the contract with no way out she decides to prove that she can keep him safe, although things are far from easy for Natasha.

Tommy is Natasha’s client; he is a slick, sexist, rude little man. Yet, at times he does show he can be human. The mafia believes he knows something; a bit of information a former client of his who has ties to the mafia might tell.

With bad guys running around and her boyfriend unhappy with her being in the bodyguard business, and an obnoxious client, Natasha is more determined than ever to prove she can keep her client safe. Only, Murphy ’s Law seems to follow her at every turn to make her job much harder than she ever thought.

I definitely need to read the other three books in the Bodyguard series. They are witty and great fun. The characters are so likeable and provide you with an exciting and humorous story. Even the pets in Ms. French’s imagination seem to have no boundaries, coming up with story lines and characters that the reader will find enjoyable.

Romance Junkies:

Natasha, a protection specialist, is trying to build up her bodyguard business.  Her recent pregnancy scared her, but her miscarriage soon afterwords grieved her deeply and she cried for days.  Her boyfriend Striker has been bringing up marriage since the miscarriage.  He wants her to get pregnant right away, but she wants to get the business going first.  She is also afraid that she may be one of those women who are unable to carry a baby to full term.  Natasha had begun to make a name for herself and her business with her previous jobs guarding the rich and famous.


Striker, who also has a bodyguard business, deeply loves Natasha, but lately, things have been strained between them.  He fears that something will happen to her when she works as a bodyguard, and he wants her to give it up.  But he also knows how much she wants to build up her business, protecting those who cannot help themselves.  Fearing losing her, he has quarreled with her over it.  He also wants her to get pregnant.  In addition to wanting a baby with her, he figures a baby will give her someone to nurture and she won’t need the business.  He still grieves over the miscarriage.


Having heard of Natasha through the publicity gained with her other cases, slimy attorney Tommy James hired her and the two big Samoans, Pit and Bigun, who are actually Striker’s employees, but she had used them in her previous case.  Tommy had almost ruined it when he did not want to include their dogs, but the guys were adamant about keeping the dogs, PJ and BJ, with them at all times. He wants Natasha to masquerade as his girlfriend, but Natasha will have none of it.  After all, she has the deliciously hunky Striker at home, why would she want this jerk who she can barely stand. 


Before long, Natasha discovers who is trying to kill Tommy, since he has been acting like he did not know.  The mafia has put a contract out on him.  Walking off the job does little good for Natasha since Tommy holds her to the terms of the contract.  However, she forces Tommy to pay triple the rate for this dangerous job. 


Of course, Striker is furious when he finds out about the contracted hit.  Familiar with the mob leader Donohue, he tells Natasha to let him handle it, but, of course, Natasha does not let anyone tell her what to do.  While he is out of town on business, not only does she meet with the mob boss, but he ends up giving her a ring. Though Striker and Natasha are deeply in love with each other, how long can they stay together with all the friction over her career? 


THE BODYGUARD AND THE SNITCH, the fourth book in author Christy Tillery French’s magnificent BODYGUARD series, is a wonderful book to wile away the afternoon and forget all your cares and woes.  You will soon be zealously turning pages to see what happens next and laughing out loud.  This book is more than a romance or a mystery, it has everything; suspense, humor, witty repartee, steamy hot sex scenes, well drawn characters who grow and mature with each additional book in the series, an exciting, fast-paced plot and loads of love.  Tommy is a bit of male chauvinist and Natasha has trouble keeping her hands to herself and not around Tommy’s throat.  His plethora of clients are strange, to say the least, but he doesn’t care as long as they have money.  The scenes of Striker and Natasha together are absolutely delicious.  I am glad I just discovered this book because now I have three more books in this series to read, THE BODYGUARD, THE BODYGUARD AND THE SHOW DOG and THE BODYGUARD AND THE ROCK STAR and I can not wait for book 5, THE BODYGUARD AND THE BODYGUARD, to be released.  Be sure to get your own copy of THE BODYGUARD AND THE SNITCH.  You won’t regret it!


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie